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Sisters in Lilith

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11/17/06 11:10 am - taliszanna - Collage made from SistersInLilith recent topics

30-some small imagesCollapse )

LOL, there was no shamrock or heavy metal band image in there before... Guess the image that was there got deleted and it rotated.

12/2/05 01:58 pm - cat_the_knife - Her Domain

I did this little art piece depicting Lilith last night, and thought this community's members might appreciate it.

Her Domain ~ © 2005 Shannon Hilson

After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, what happened to the Garden itself? Maybe the leaves fell off the trees and the snow started to fall. Maybe Lilith came back and took over, perfectly at home amidst the cold and the frost, and turned it into her very own domain. Maybe it was still an Eden, still beautiful and still full of wonder, only the inside-out, mirror image of the original.

8/27/05 10:29 pm - lilith_storm - Curious about books


I've got a nice collection of books so far, but I'm curious. What books would you recomend as "required" reading on Lilith? MyCollapse )</font>


8/17/05 09:46 pm - jenniology - Offerings?

What would you say Lilith likes as an offering?

7/30/05 09:20 pm - lilith_storm - poems

x-posted in lilithspirit

I wanted to share some poems that I wrote last night, all dedicated to Lilith after son wonderful meditating. :)


bring on the bad poetryCollapse )

6/18/05 11:04 am - jenniology - Holiday?

Out of curiosity, are there any holidays related to Lilith, or does one have to "invent" their own in order to do a little special celebration in Her honour? If so, are there any historical dates that may be "extra special" to Her?

Thanks in advance!

2/23/05 01:53 pm - lilithsoul - lilith in my soul

within my soul
your dark embrace
takes away
my fear of the dark

not wandering in the darkness
stumbling over stones
but evolving from within it
like stars that are born in the all

your darkness
is the darkness of the womb
from which new life is born

the darkness of the earth
in which old things die
to rise again renewed

like stars that are born in the all
to shine forth
in the darkness

12/27/04 09:29 pm - pennywhistle

Hello all!

This community seems to be a bit inactive.  I'd love to have discussions if you all are up for it!

I'd like to post a wonderful children's story about Lilith.  It's by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso from the book "But God Remembered."

Lilith, the First WomanCollapse )

11/22/04 10:17 pm - cat_the_knife - Gabriel's Shadow

So I have just created a new community. It is based on a little pet concept I have about everyone having their very own pair of proverbial wings and is called gabriels_shadow. Subject matter will include personal epiphany, poetry, dreams, and musings of a philosophical nature as they relate to finding one's self or seeing beyond the veil in some way, shape, or form. All interested parties are encouraged to please join and help me make this place fabulous.

To figure out if you will mesh with the shadow, read through the user info for the community. That will explain things much better. Blessings, all.

10/25/04 11:15 pm - faithhope - Rhyme (and reason?)

Outside I’m


Inside I’m


Outside I want to

Be a wife
(a daugher, a sister)

Inside I want to

Be myself
(a huntress, a lover)

Outside I’m meek
Inside I’m prideful

Outside I weep
Inside I’m gleeful

My outer name is short,
and every child knows it,
everyone was taught it,
Even meek I aborted
Your chance of Paradise

My inner name is secret
Rarely ever now translated
Lost in books and barrows
Regained in flame and shadows
A silent shout of bliss

Now, lady, do you know me?

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