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Hello all!

This community seems to be a bit inactive.  I'd love to have discussions if you all are up for it!

I'd like to post a wonderful children's story about Lilith.  It's by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso from the book "But God Remembered."

"God created man and woman in the Divine image. In God's image they were created; male and female God created them."

[Genisis 1:27]

In the beginning when God created man and woman, God called the first man Adam and the first woman, God called Lilith. The first man and first woman were both created from the same earth and God's breath made them come alive. In the beginning, they shared everything.

God planted a garden in Eden and placed Adam and Lilith there to tend it together. Adam and Lilith loved the garden that God had made, and they loved each other.

Lilith would climb the trees to gather pomegranates. Adam and Lilith loved to play catch with the gold-red fruit that seemed to come together on the bottom of a kiss. When they were tired of playing, Lilith would take the pomegranates and split them open. Adam would scoop out the juicy seeds. Then Adam and Lilith would sit by the river that flowed through the garden and suck on the pomegranate seeds together.

Sometime Adam would gather sweet oranges and peel them for Lilith, and Lilith would squeeze the oranges in her hands to make juice. She would hold hands with Adam, and they would laugh when their hands stuck together.

The garden where Adam and Lilith lived was rich with colors and filled with sounds. But the garden was very large, and they could not possibly see all its beauty from where they stood on the ground.

Sometimes Adam would kneel down and Lilith would climb on his shoulders, reach to the tallest tree and look out and describe all that she saw. She told of beautiful burds who spread a fan of colors and yellow animals with black spots and a long neck. And Lilith called the birds with a fan of colors peacocks, and the long-necked creatures she called giraffes.

Sometimes Lilith would kneel down and Adam would climb on her shoulders, reach to the tallest tree and look out and describe all that he saw. He told of big golden animals with large hairy manes, and small gray animals with bushy tails that stood straight up in the air. And Adam called the golden animals lions, and the bushy-tailed creatures he called squirrels.

Now Adam and Lilith loved giving names to all the animals, and they loved each other. And God saw all that was going on in the garden, and God found that it was very good.

Then one day, Adam grew tired of letting Lilith climb on his shoulders to look out over the graden. "Lilith, I have a new idea." Adam's voice quivered, but he went right on speaking. "I think only one of us should name the animals, and I should be the one. In return, I will go after the pomegranates and split them open and squeeze all the oranges."

Lilith was silent for a long time. "Adam," she finally said, "I do not like your new idea. I love to fetch the pomegranates and split them open. I like the sticky feeling when I squeeze the oranges. But most of all, I enjoy climbing on your shoulders to reach the tallest tree, look out over the garden and name the animals."

"Lilith, we are different. We should do different things," said Adam, folding his arms accross his chest. "I won't let you climb on my shoulders anymore. Now I want to be the only one to name the creatures in the garden."

Lilith said, "Well, then I won't let you climb on my shoulders either. But we should both name the animals."

Adam and Lilith argued, and their voices became louder and louder. And God heard Adam and Lilith and all that was going on in the garden, and God did not find it very good at all.

Lilith would not talk to Adam. She walked a whole day's journey to another part of the garden and ate her oranges alone.

Adam would not go after Lilith. He stayed where he was and ate pomegranates by himself.

Until finally, Adam was so lonely, he said to God, "Creator of the world, bring Lilith back to me. Make her return."

And God answered, "This is something only you can do."

But Adam refused.

Lilith said to God, "Creator of man and woman, make Adam come back to me. Make things between Adam and me as they were in the beginning."

And God answered, "This is something only you can do."

But Lilith refused.

God saw Adam and Lilith and how very lonely they were. And God was sad for the first man and the first woman.

After awhile, Adam found comfort with a new companion named Eve. Adam called his new companion the first woman, because he wanted to forget Lilith. In the course of time, people forgot Lilith's story and how man and woman were once equal.

But God remembered Lilith, and God named the night after her. That is why in Hebrew the night is called laila. Some say Lilith stretches the night sky over all God's creation. She spreads a canopy of stars to light the dark and calls each star by name.
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