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I wanted to share some poems that I wrote last night, all dedicated to Lilith after son wonderful meditating. :)


The Darkness Falls

The darkness falls

I look around this quiet room

Where the bass line thumps in time with your passion

But its all silence to me

I can feel your breath, warm and sweet

I know what you want, I know what you need

Come a little closer, let me taste you

Let me unbutton your shirt, loosen your belt

I can make you feel things you never imagined

With just a drop of blood on your tongue

Submissive? Never.

I'll rule over you with a quick yet gentle hand

And through me you'll know more power

Then you have ever known before

Just come a little bit closer...


With a flip of her tail

And a swish of her hips

She'll draw you in and set you to burn

Letting you delight in her pleasures

Knowing that they will be yours too,

For a price

Sweet Decay

She takes me to a dark place and tells me not to fear

I sit in silence in the blackness of my own soul, waiting for the light to arise

But it will not come

I must learn to love the dark, embrace it

I cannot see it as cold and empty

Instead it is soft as velvet, warm as a lover's touch, calming as the night sky

There is nothing to fear, no reason to run

Death and darkness are my allies, my friends

For if the flower never withers and dies, no fruit shall come to harvest


Drink it up, the lover's touch

Taste it sweet and warm

Like honey it slides down your throat

Sticky traces on your fingertips

The heat still shows on your face

Whirl and whirl and whirl some more

Till you fall down gasping

And lauging

The smell of jasmine in the air

And you know, oh you know

When the lady comes a calling

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