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Sisters in Lilith

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Adam had two wives.

The first, literally his other half, created simultaneously by Yahweh, was Lilith. They were in perfect balance, they were opposite and equal, they were in harmony. But Adam was not happy. Adam wanted to dominate, to over-shadow, to rule. Some say that he meant only sexually, but in any case, his other half would have none of it. She fled, she flew, and she was free.

History claimed her a demoness. She was not what women were to be, as exemplified by Adams later wife Eve: meek, easily persuaded, pliable. Needing of guidance and rule was the ideal woman, and Lilith was not so. She was capable of standing on her own, and she did so.

What became of Liliths offspring? They were branded demons born of the grand demoness; but only because they too wanted to live by what they found right, by what they believed. Perhaps the blood of Lilith still exists, in the likes of Anne Boleyn, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette. In women who today want to be repsected as their own people, not as vessels to be used.

We do not dislike men....we seek for the original balance, the harmony. We are, in spirit if nowhere else, the daughters of Lilith.

And, we seek always to be, Sisters in Lilith.

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